Blue Crew News

This is a public but unlisted page. This page was updated on 11/13/2019.

Welcome to the news page for the Blue Crew (Equipment) volunteers. Please read the entire page and let me know if there are questions via Remind or text 615-429-3375.

BLUE CREW SCHEDULE – REST OF SEASON (updated 11/13/2019):

Sunday 11/17: Zombie Run

Please sign up on CHARMS to assist with the Zombie Run. More details are there in the event description.  Set-up and tear down crews are needed between 9AM and 1PM and then 6PM and 7PM. We need at least three crews on atv’s and trailers to assist in set up, teardown and other activities throughout the day. These need to be Blue Crew adult crews so the driver plus three or four adults plus there is the need for even more people helping with setup and teardown.

More details will be sent on the REMIND as we get closer to this event.

What does the Blue Crew do for the rest of the school year after Zombie Run?

Blue Crew help is typically not needed at any remaining events such as parades or concert band events but I would use the REMIND to communicate a request for help if something out of the ordinary arises. For the last three years, nothing has come up for us after marching season.

There will be a need for chaperones at times. Those needs will be communicated out on the parent CHARMS and not through the Blue Crew REMIND or this page.

Thank you for all you do! You are doing work that helps our band be the very best it can be!





The information below is left in place for use during the 2020-2021 season


Click here for the information page that explains what the Blue Crew does including a map of LHS showing where we park and enter the stadium for home games

MISCELLANEOUS NOTES (updated 9/23/2019):

  • STUDENT VOLUNTEERS: We need to make sure our student volunteers are not the primary pushers or pullers up and down the truck ramp. We need to be vigilant about making sure no students get injured during this process so that means we need the adults to be the primary folks working the ramps and then we can rotate off to props and tree as needed.
  • TRUCK LOAD ORDER: The truck loading order list is further down this page. I will also print and laminate copies to post in the truck.
    • Students should move away from the truck when taking instruments in and out of cases. We cannot allow them to do this near the ramps or in the way of other students.
    • Winds need to get all instruments off the truck at the end of the night. This is not happening.
    • We need people specifically designated to be on this equipment plus other people that can jump in and help where needed with other instruments. This is the equipment that requires the most help:
      • Two small front podiums at each 35 yard line
      • Audio
      • Timpani (help student)
      • Three big marimbas (help students)
      • Four small sideline props
    • Students lead and direct as we move on and off the field. Take your time. Go at their pace! If a student asks you to stop or slow down, do so!
    • After the performance, go back to who you helped. The student needs to have time to unhook and pack cables so do not attempt to move the piece of equipment you are helping on before getting the OK from the student to start moving. This helps us avoid damage to cabling.

Truck Loading Order (updated 9/22/2019)

  • Keyboard
  • Speakers
  • Gong
  • Timpani
  • Bass Drum
  • Big old marimba – big end first – big end has to be lifted near top of ramp
  • Little, very old xylophone on wooden frame
  • Little xylophone with tiny cymbals
  • Big newer marimba – big end first – is set higher and does not have to be lifted
  • 2nd newer marimba – small end first – big end has to be lifted from mid-section of ramp up into truck
  • The rest of the little xylophones/bells
  • Drum major stands
  • Rack

Also, remember plumes and water must be packed on the white trailer along with the drum line and sousaphones!

Pep Band Only Games (due to weather or playoffs)

When heavy rain is forecast during an away game, the directors may decide to only send a pep band to the game. When this happens, only the grey trailer goes and it carries all instruments.

The students will load their own instruments into the enclosed trailer. We need to make sure they leave room at the end for the water coolers or water coolers need to go in the back of the truck pulling the trailer. Instrument load order is drum line, sousaphones, winds. 

So, on pep band game days, we need one person to pull the grey trailer and at least one additional Blue Crew person to travel to the game and assist. All other Blue Crew volunteers would be released and it will be up to them to decide whether they want to go or not.

In addition to heavy rain, typically we only send a pep band to away playoff games but this is decided on a game by game basis and is only decided by the directors.

Any weather-related change of plans will be communicated directly from the directors on the BAND app and then I will communicate those updates to our group via REMIND.

CHARMS Volunteer Signups (updated 8/16/2019)

Please always sign up on CHARMS for any event you are able to help us or concessions with so Mr. Channell and Mr. Amoss and I will always know who will be there. All events are listed under the VOLUNTEER section. You can send me any questions you have about CHARMS.

Blue Crew Job Descriptions for signing up on CHARMS:

Equipment: Blue Crew means you are available to assist in all functions including loading and unloading the truck plus assembling props and moving equipment (props or front ensemble) on and off the field as needed.

Equipment: Enclosed or Grey Trailer means you are willing to bring and pull an enclosed trailer or pull our grey trailer plus you are willing to assist with other Blue Crew functions if needed/able.

Equipment: Pull Props Trailer means you have a long trailer you can pull that we will use to transport the prop frames plus you are willing to assist with other Blue Crew functions if needed/able.

Equipment: Bring Side by Side and Trailer means you have a side by side/atv/gator plus a trailer you can bring that will be used to haul equipment to and from the field plus you are willing to assist with other Blue Crew functions if needed/able.

Props Help means you are willing to assist in prop assembly once we arrive at the site, then move props on and off the field for the performance and assist in prop breakdown as needed. You will not be designated as helping with loading and unloading the truck but can do so if you wish. 

If you sign up for any of these, please join the Blue Crew REMIND by downloading the app and adding the class @bandpitcr or by texting @bandpitcr to 81010.

Remind app and Band app (updated 9/29/2019)

The Blue Crew will use Remind to communicate this season.

Blue Crew (Equipment): Send a text to 81010. The message should say @bandpitcr

***If you are having a hard time doing this by phone – you can also join via internet:

You can also download the REMIND app from the app store for your phone and choose “Join a class” and enter the appropriate code:

Blue Crew (Equipment): @bandpitcr

Please stay a part of our Remind group as that will be our primary way to communicate this season.

There is also a main REMIND for the whole band.

This is where Mr. Channell sends out important announcements.

Please join up here ASAP if you have not: 

9th Grade Parents:       Text @9LHSBANDP to 81010
10th Grade Parents:     Text @10LHSBANDP to 81010
11th Grade Parents:      Text @11LHSBANDP to 81010
12th Grade Parents:      Text @12LHSBANDP to 81010

Finally, join our Blue Crew BAND “room” : 

It is called “Lebanon Band Blue Crew (Equipment)” and you can join by clicking this link:

Important! Chaperone sign-up process has changed (updated 8/16/2019)

If you are just Blue Crew and will not be an official chaperone, ignore this!!

This only applies to folks doing double-duty as a Blue Crew member and a chaperone that rides on the bus!! If you do that, the process to get your background check has changed. You must now do this online and the cost is $5. The site is here:

Then, you must fill out the chaperone form in the chaperone packet and give that to Mr. Channell.

See Becca Jo Daniels for more information.