Blue Crew News

This is a public but unlisted page. This page was updated on 8/16/2019.

Welcome to the news page for the Blue Crew (Equipment) volunteers. Please read the entire page and let me know if there are questions via Remind or text 615-429-3375.

I know there is a lot on this page. I try to give out as much info as possible just so we all have access to the big picture. You can always reach out to me with questions, concerns, ideas, etc. If I am busy at work, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 615-429-3375. I can respond to texts faster than calls during the work day.

Click here for the information page that explains what the Blue Crew does


Tuesday 8/20: Booster Meeting at the Band Room at 6:30PM

Friday 8/23: Away game at Gallatin (Gallatin football field is at the old Gallatin High School site. Click here for directions.)

We will begin loading at 3:45PM. Students will begin loading instruments as soon as we get the ramps on the trailer and front ensemble equipment will be pushed out and waiting unless it is raining. Arrive when you can if you cannot be there that early. Departure time is 5PM.

Current plan is to take sousaphones, drum line and coolers on the gray trailer and everything else in the big trailer.

If heavy rain is forecast for any event, I will keep everyone updated about any changes on REMIND.

Outstanding items we need to resolve:

  • HANDLE ON BIG CART: The big cart currently under the trailer which will be used for the tree prop this season needs to have the handle fixed. We need to have this done before the Wilson County Exhibition performance on Sept 14th. The handle attachment needs to be welded back to the metal on the cart. If you can do this or know someone that does this work, let me know. We prefer to have the time donated but will pay if we are in a pinch, of course.
  • GREY TRAILER ROOF LEAK: The grey trailer has a leak around the vent dome on the trailer roof – Clay is going to head up correcting this and will let us know if help is needed.
  • LED LIGHTS IN TRAILER: I have asked Mr. Channell to contact the person who was going to install LED lights for us in the trailer and give him the all clear to do this since the trailer is now cleaned out.

Important! Chaperone sign-up process has changed (updated 8/16/2019)

If you are just Blue Crew and will not be an official chaperone, ignore this!!

This only applies to folks doing double-duty as a Blue Crew member and a chaperone that rides on the bus!! If you do that, the process to get your background check has changed. You must now do this online and the cost is $5. The site is here:

Then, you must fill out the chaperone form in the chaperone packet and give that to Mr. Channell.

See Becca Jo Daniels for more information.

Blue Crew Shirts (updated 8/16/2019)

The shirt order list has been turned in. Shirts will be ordered on Monday. We hope to have them by the first home game. Will keep you posted. Thank you to those of you who ordered shirts!

CHARMS Volunteer Signups (updated 8/16/2019)

Please always sign up on CHARMS for any event you are able to help us or concessions with so Mr. Channell and Mr. Amoss and I will always know who will be there. All events are listed under the VOLUNTEER section. You can send me any questions you have about CHARMS.

Remind app and Band app (updated 8/16/2019)

We will still use Remind to communicate this season.

Please also sign up for the BAND app if you have not done so!

There is a main “room” for the whole group. This is where Mr. Channell sends out important announcements. Please join up here ASAP if you have not:

Then, join our Blue Crew BAND “room” :

We will eventually use the Blue Crew BAND “room” for announcements that are currently posted on this page. Right now, it’s still a work in progress so I will update this page and the BAND “room”.

Please stay a part of our Remind group as that will be our primary way to communicate this season. 

Blue Crew (Equipment): Send a text to 81010. The message should say @bandpitcr

Please take a few seconds to get this done.

***If you are having a hard time doing this by phone – you can also join via internet:

You can also download the REMIND app from the app store for your phone and choose “Join a class” and enter the appropriate code:

Blue Crew (Equipment): @bandpitcr

Thank you for all you do! You are doing work that helps our band be the very best it can be!