Nissan Stadium Fundraising Information

This is a public but unlisted page. This page was updated on 3/31/2021.

Welcome to the information page about raising funds for your band fees through working at Nissan Stadium. 


Adults are required to attend training in order to work events at Nissan Stadium. We post available training sessions as soon as we are notified. You must attend a training session once every three years. Most training sessions occur before the start of the NFL football season so we highly recommend you attend a training session as soon as you can.

Signing up

Available events for Nissan Stadium are added to Charms under Volunteer as soon as we are notified by Legends LLC. Legends LLC is the company that runs concessions for the stadium and we are working as part of their non-profit fundraising program.

For each event, we will list the start times of each event.  The listed end times are estimated can vary by how busy the event is. The estimated end time of the event does not include time to clean up and leave.  You would need to estimate another 30 minutes to 1 hour.  It is best to overestimate this time in your planning. Also, you must take into account traffic when arriving and when leaving.

Your commitment and the no-show policy and fee

This is extremely important!!!

If you sign up for an event and cannot attend, you must remove your name before the listed deadline for the event.

If you cannot attend and the deadline has passed, you are responsible for finding a replacement to go in your place.

Legends LLC charges an $85 no-show fee to the band if any committed worker does not show up for the event and that fee will be charged to your band account.  It is not fair for the band to have to pay Nissan Stadium for you not showing up to work the event time that you committed to. Since we will be charged by Legends LLC for a no-show, we have no choice but to pass that on to the absent worker.

If you commit to work, you must show up to work or send a replacement!!!

Age requirement for student workers

No students are allowed to work unless they are 16 years of age and up.  This is a requirement of the contract for liability insurance. All student workers must bring identification proving that they are at least 16 years old or they will not be allowed inside the event at check-in.

Dress Code

You must wear black pants, skirts, shorts, etc. A uniform shirt is provided to wear over whatever shirt you wear into the stadium. Closed-toed shoes are required for this work and we recommend shoes that are not slick. A black hat or a Titans ht is required if you are handling food or a hair net will be provided that you will be required to wear.

Tennessee Titans Game Day Parking

For Tennessee Titans games, parking will be off-site near Capitol Hill with shuttles running back and forth to and from Nissan Stadium before and after the game. No parking passes are required for these lots.

Click here for downloadable/printable maps

Shuttle Map - NFL Games

Close-up view of lots


Non-Titans events parking

For Non-Titans events, designated parking lot information and parking pass information will be determined and shared a few days prior to the event. Here is a general map of the parking lots around Nissan Stadium.

Click here for a downloadable/printable map

Stadium Parking - Non NFL Games

Event Check-in

The NFL clear bag policy is in effect for all workers and attendees of each event.

For more information on the clear bag policy, click here:

You will pass through a security checkpoint before you are allowed to enter the stadium and security will also check for food and beverages at that time. No outside food or drink is allowed into Nissan Stadium.

All volunteers must bring valid identification!! Just like the students, all adults will have their identification verified and checked off at the check-in table. Identification must be shown at check in table and your name checked off in order for your earned money to go to your account!  If you are not checked in, there is no proof you worked so it is very important that you make sure your name is checked off the list when you sign in!

Traveling to events 

On event days we typically meet at Home Depot and carpool.  Parking can be tricky!  Directions will be given the week of the event for parking and check in times. You must be there by the check in time or you will not be able to work.  If we do not have the number of workers then we are charged, so we have to be on time. Typically, we leave the Home Depot lot one hour before check in or you can meet us at the stadium on your own.  Students must ride with an adult and are not allowed to drive to Nashville.  This is for their safety.

Responsibilities at events

Our group is assigned a concession stand at each event. If we have enough workers signed up (typically 16), we will run the stand by ourselves. If we have less that the required amount of employees to run a stand, volunteers from other non-profits or Legends LLC workers will be assigned to our stand with us.

The group will have specific opening and closing tasks at each stand that vary from stand to stand. These are clearly communicated in the stand along with information about working the stand during the event. There will be a Legends LLC supervisor assigned to each stand that can give guidance as needed. Remember – you are representing the Lebanon Band so please keep this in mind during your shift!


Each worked earns a minimum of $85 to the band account they are working for as long as the stand is in balance.

If the stand is out of balance (this includes cash and inventory) then those funds are deducted from our take home and we divide that among all workers of the event evenly.

Also, the stand must be properly cleaned per the supervisor assigned to your stand or we may be charged a cleaning fee.

All responsibilities are clearly communicated by the stand supervisor for each event so we must do everything we can to comply with those responsibilities so we earn all of our money and so we stay in good standing with Legends LLC for future events!

Cash tips are collected and then split evenly among all the workers.

The band receives checks from Legends LLC typically three weeks after an event.  Once we receive the funds, we report them to Mr. Channell who will add them to the student band accounts in Charms and then you will be able to see this update when you log into Charms and look under Finances.