Lebanon Band News: Football/marching season wrap-up; Puffs; Christmas concerts that will JINGLE YOU TO YOUR CORE

The best season in the history of Lebanon football came to an end Friday night and along with it, the 2021 Lebanon Band marching season.

First, a big congratulations on the season to Coach Gentry and his assistants, staff, families and players on an unforgettable ride this year. How incredible it is to be a part of a school with so many reasons to celebrate. We can’t wait to be there cheering you on in August of 2022!

Second, the longest marching season I can remember happens just one year after a marching season with only one contest, BDI, and no away football performances. The 2021-22 carried on without missing a beat (pun intended) and my goodness, how about that senior class! The class of 2022 has left their mark in a big way. Congratulations, band! And a big thank you to our directors, staff and families that made it all possible.

We only have a few weeks left before Christmas break and we’ve got plenty of great concerts and events coming up for you to enjoy.

First up, the Blue Devil Players have a play that is very special, very fun, and somehow legal! Puffs is an unauthorized retelling of the school years of the classmates of a certain wizard you might remember from some books that is sure to put a smile on your face. Come see Puffs December 2nd, 3rd and 4th at 7PM and December 5th at 5PM after the Christmas parade. Yes, there is a ticket charge. I don’t know it at the time I am writing this. Check in with Blue Devil Players on Instagram for the deets.

Did someone say Christmas parade? The Lebanon Band will march in the Christmas parade on Sunday, December 5th starting at 2PM from the old LHS and ending at the Big Lots/Liberty State Bank parking lot.

You want more? We’ve got so much jingle we can’t contain ourselves.

The big one, the topper, the pièce de résistance – THE COMBINED LEBANON BANDS AND CHOIR CHRISTMAS CONCERT – is happening on Saturday, December 11th at 3pm in the Auditorium. You don’t just get the current students – we have bonus alumni performing with the big group at the end! YOU WILL BE JINGLED TO YOUR CORE or your money back!!

If that is still not enough Christmas for you, if you floss your teeth with tinsel and your dog is named Kringle, we’re going to give you one more for the road. That’s right – on Monday, December 13th at 7PM, come join us in the auditorium for the Cedar Creek Community Band Christmas/Holiday/End of Year Shebang! We have players of all ages from current students to, well, all ages!

Does it get better than this? I think not.

The greatest gift we have to give is time. I hope you will spend a little bit of your time supporting the amazing students at Lebanon at these events.

That wraps it up for the Lebanon Band news for 2021. We wish you a very safe, healthy and amazing holiday season ahead!

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