2020 Band Camp Procedures

We are posting our 2020 Band Camp Procedures in order to make sure all active band members and their families have access to this important information.

An email has also been sent out via CHARMS with this information.

We are SO excited to start the 2020 Marching Season!  This week, we have had percussion, color guard, and leadership students working to prepare for the start of band camp on Monday! 

We are implementing a whole new set of procedures and precautions that will protect the students and staff while we begin working.  I have attached that plan to this email.  Everyone MUST review this document BEFORE MONDAY (July 13). 

A few things to remember/note:

1. Plans can change quickly, sometimes without warning. Please be flexible.
2. Google Meeting NEXT Tuesday (July 14) night at 6:30pm for all band families. At least one parent should attend that virtual meeting.  Meeting details will be sent out via email and Remind that morning.
5. For rain-protection, students need a black trash bag to put their instrument in.  We will only go inside if the weather becomes dangerous.  Light rain- we will stay outside.
6. Arrive at camp no earlier than 7:45.  You will NOT be able to arrive early and just drop students off! PLEASE cooperate with this procedure.  There will be signs guiding you to the drop off. Students will stay in the car until they have their temp taken and answer a questionnaire.
7. Camp hours are 8am-2pm each day, next week… and the second week. We cancelled the night portions of the camp in the second week.   
8. Students will come home Monday with paperwork that will be required to be completed by the end of band camp (July 24)

There is MUCH more in the attached PDF, so please read over it! 

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday at 8am!  Get outside this week and get used to the heat.  And again, READ OVER THE ATTACHED PDF for all the details you need.  Email Mr. Channell at lebanonbandtn@gmail.com if you have questions! 

Thank you, parents and families, for helping us follow new procedures so we can get back to band-ing! 

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